Draw me closer

Written by: Ian Hannah

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DRAW ME CLOSER, precious Savior,
Nearer to Your holy throne;
Let me know Your cleansing power,
As I wait on You alone.
I am nothing without You, Lord,
I am naked, weak and poor;
But in You I find a fullness,
Nothing else can give me more.

When the waters of destruction
Try to sweep me far away,
Jesus, You are still my anchor;
I need never be afraid.
I will cling to You, my Master,
Holding on with surety.
Pressing onward, looking upward,
Until Jesus, You I see.

Help me listen to Your whisper,
Help me live obediently.
Give me courage in the battles,
Strength to face uncertainty.
Help me never to deny You,
But to cross that finish line.
Moving forward, never backward,
To claim the prize as mine.

Ian Hannah

Copyright © 2001 Thankyou Music