Brother (Open Up Our Eyes)

Written by: David Gungor, John Arndt, Ian Morgan Cron, tobyMac, Gabriel Patillo

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When I look into the face of my enemy
I see my brother
I see my brother

Forgiveness is the garment
Of our courage
The power to make the peace
We long to know

Open up our eyes
o see the wounds that bind
All of humankind 
May our shutter hearts
Greet the dawn of life
With charity and love

Who's my enemy really, is it even you?
Or is it the sin in us that got our defenses up
This fight to be right, oh man, it's killin' us
But when we dig in His word it throws that mirror up
This back and forth it leads us to divide, that division leads to pain The pain leads to our demise
We must decide is this workin'? All this fussin' ain't worth it Animosity don't serve us, Let's get it all on the surface
I've never even walked a day in your shoes
You've never been on my floor, you ain't seen it from my view
I must admit we got a lot more to uncover
So I'm lettin' go of self and holdin' onto brothers

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