Fear Not

Written by: Andrew Graham, Nathan Jess

© 2016 Thankyou Music & Andy Graham Publishing | CCLI: 7075330

Fear Not As sung by: Nathan Jess

Original Key: G

Intro:Cmaj9   G/B   Am9    Cmaj9     G/B    Am9    Em7Verse 1:Cmaj9        G/D          Em7Love never ends,  never changesGSure through the agesCmaj9                     G/D          Em7Myst'ries and mountains fade,   He remainsG

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Love never ends
Never changes
Sure through the ages
Mysteries and mountains fade
He remains
Our God is faithful

Fear not you trembling heart
Hold fast to hope
Jesus will claim His bride
Raise high the royal banner
He is love and He has conquered

Love fights for peace
Father’s kindness
Bears all our burdens
In every hopeless place
Love proclaims
Our God is able

Love is leading us home
The anthem of mercy
The whole earth resounds
With the angels’ song
As Heaven is opened
Bind up the broken
We’re lifting You high

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© 2016 Thankyou Music & Andy Graham Publishing