Written by: Greg Sykes, Benji Cowart, Jordan Sapp, Seth Mosley

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Original Key: D

Bm   G     D   A
Verse 1:
Bm           G         D                A
  Nothing is hopeless,    no one's too broken
Bm                       G          D  A
  There's no weight that You can't lift
Bm               G       D              A
  I've met Your grace in    my darkest places
Bm         G        D   A
  I am convinced of this
             Bm     G  D       A           Bm     G  D      A
Nothing is impossible    with Your love, impossible    for You
             Bm             G
Nothing is unreachable, beyond all hope
D                     A               Bm       G       Asus4      D  A
No heart's too far gone: nothing is impossible   [1.2.]       [3.]
Verse 2:
Bm             G      D               A
  When I'm in hiding,    you take my giants
Bm                G           D   A
  And bring them to their knees
Bm           G         D                  A
  Now I can face this,     strong and courageous
     Bm              G           D    A
With ev'rything inside me, I believe
G             D
  No borders,     no limits
A               Bm
  God, what You start You finish
G               D          A
  You speak and mountains fall
G                 D
  There's freedom,     there's healing
A           Bm
  No matter what I'm feeling
G             D         A
  You stand above it all [to Chorus]
Bm            G        D               F♯m
  Nothing is hopeless,    no one's too broken
Bm          G        D/A     Bm   G     D    
  I am convinced of this

Nothing is hopeless
No one’s too broken
There’s no weight that You can’t lift
I’ve met Your grace in
My darkest places I am convinced of this

Nothing is impossible with Your love
Impossible for You
Nothing is unreachable
Beyond all hope
No heart’s too far gone
Nothing is impossible

When I’m in hiding
You take my giants
And bring them to their knees
Now I can face this
Strong and courageous
With everything inside me, I believe

No borders No limits
God, what You start, You finish
You speak and mountains fall
There’s freedom
There’s healing
No matter what I’m feeling
You stand above it all

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