This Changes Everything

Written by: Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham, Tom Read

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This Changes Everything As sung by: Lou Fellingham

Original Key: G

Em   G   Am   Em   C   Em   Dadd4
Chorus 1:
       Em    G   Am        Em                 C           Em     Dadd4
He is alive,     Jesus is alive: this changes ev'rything, ev'rything
         Em    G    Am          Em                C           Em             Dadd4
Now I'm alive,   in You I have life: this changes ev'rything, ev'rything for us
Verse 1:

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We are standing on the promise of the future
We have tasted of a life that’s yet to come
We have seen a glimpse of heaven in the darkness
And our hope is in the resurrected son

God is with us, we no longer fear tomorrow
Christ is in us, now we know where we belong
We have freedom that is only found in Jesus
Living in his victory we now overcome

He is alive
Jesus is alive
This changes everything, everything
Now I’m alive
In you I have life
This changes everything, everything for us

Hallelujah songs are rising from the nations
Celebration coming up before the throne
It’s the cry of hearts that once were separated
Giving glory to the Father, Spirit, Son
“All the glory to the Father, Spirit, Son”

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