Written by: Lou Fellingham, Emma Pears

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Speak As sung by: Lou Fellingham

Original Key: A

A5   Bm   A    F♯m   A    Bm   A   A2/G♯   F♯m7    Esus4/D     A
   D2    Bm   A     F♯m7    Asus4
Verse 1:
A                          F♯m7
Speak, for I am list'ning, shake my inner being
D2                     A     A/G♯
Wake my soul to answer my creator
A                        F♯m7
Talk, you have my focus, sing, your songs of freedom

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Speak, for I am listening
Shake my inner being
Wake my soul to answer my creator
Talk, you have my focus
Sing, your songs of freedom
Bring your word of life to feed my soul

Holy God fall afresh on us we pray
Spirit move as we come to seek your face

For we are thirsty for you
We're longing to meet you anew
Nothing else compares
Nothing else comes close
To knowing you

Turn my heart to see you
Still my mind to hear you
Fill my life and show your power through me
Lord my arms are open
Faith is rising as I
Wait, my hope and strength are now renewed

Spirit come fill this place
We need your power, we need your grace
Come and show your love
Come and breathe on us
And have your way

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© 2017 Thankyou Music & SHOUT! Music Publishing