Love Has Overcome

Written by: Joshua Dufrene, David Binion, Colin Edge, Israel Houghton

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Now's the time for all the world
To know Your name
Now's the time for every heart
To sing Your praise
No more silence in the church
No more standing on the side
By Your spirit we're empowered
Let the darkness run and hide

Now Your church is rising up
And Your children singing out
With Your praise our hearts erupt
And a song of love resounds
Be exalted God of all
In the heavens and the earth
By Your grace we are redeemed
Love has overcome!

Everyday let us proclaim Your truth in love
In Your name we ask and pray
Your kingdom come
Wake us up so we can see
We've been sleeping long enough
Time to demonstrate Your power
We are called to overcome

Love has overcome
For everyone
Love has overcome

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