Up And Alive

Written by: Brenton Brown, Chris Sayburn, Chris Lawson Jones, Nick Herbert

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Up and alive as a new creation
Up and alive as a chosen one
I come alive to the celebration
I come alive to a welcome home

There is a song rising up to Heaven
It is a song that freedom sings
It is the joy of our salvation
It is a love only God can bring

Gonna dance, gonna dance for You
We don’t care if we look like fools
‘Cos we know what we’re born into
And it’s nothing less than Your glory

We’re gonna shout about
The things You do
Of all the battles
You have brought us through
Gonna dance, gonna dance for You
And it’s nothing less
Than for Your glory

Jesus take my reputation
In my celebration 
I will give my all for You
Break free every chain 
That holds me
I’ve living in Your glory
I will spend my life on You

Copyright © 2017 Thankyou Music/Safe & Sound Music

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