Never Bow

Written by: Dustin Smith, Bailey Riza, Hannah Clemons

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I have faith beyond what I can see

When doubts and fears rise inside of me

At times my heart grows weary from the fight

But I have peace that overwhelms my night


Cause I've seen the mountains move

With just a word of truth 

So I know it's possible

To live unstoppable 


So toss me to the raging sea

Throw me in the fire

Lower me into a den with lions all around

Cause greater is the one in me that what my eyes can't see

Cause I know the enemy screams loud but I will never bow


I have placed my trust in your great name

It's him who gives me hope and gives me strength

He says that I can run and not grow faint

So I will rise above the eagles wings


I will never bow 

We're never gonna bow


When staring in the face of death 

Or walking through the darkest hell

I will never bow

I will never bow

My loyalty has been reserved 

For him who holds the universe 

To him alone I bow

To him alone I bow

Copyright © 2017 Integrity's Praise! Music, Integrity's Alleluia! Music, Farren Love & War

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