The King Is Here (Christmas Version)

Written by: Rhyan Shirley, Corey Voss

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The earth is awakening
The mountains are trembling
The oceans hold their breath
For this holy moment

The heavens stand to their feet
As life like a river springs
Up from a thirsty land
Collision of God and man

Holy holy is the cry
Of saints and sinners reconciled

Sing sing it out
Let the earth resound
For the King is here
The King is here
Shout shout it out
For the hope we've found
For the King is here
The King is here

The darkness is breaking now
Drowned out by an angel choir
Our hope has finally come
Emmanuel, God with us

Holy holy is the cry
That floods the heavens fills the skies
From the earth unto the throne
Eternal praise to Him belongs

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