All That I Am

Written by: James Wright

© 1994 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 1083434

All That I Am As sung by: James Wright

Writers: James Wright

Original Key: D

A7         D   D/F♯  F♯m7   G
All that I am
        D    D/F♯  F♯m7   G
I lay before You;
A7       Bm     F♯m7      G
all I possess, Lord, I confess
   Em7        D/A    A
is nothing without   You.
A7          D   D/F♯   F♯m7   G
Saviour and King,

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ALL THAT I AM I lay before You;
All I possess, Lord, I confess
Is nothing without You.
Savior and King, I now enthrone You;
Take my life, my living sacrifice to You.

Lord, be the strength within my weakness;
Be the supply in every need,
That I may prove Your promises to me,
Faithful and true in word and deed.

Into Your hands I place the future;
The past is nailed to Calvary,
That I may live in resurrection power,
No longer I but Christ in me.

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© 1994 Thankyou Music