The Poor And Needy

Written by: Godfrey Birtill

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Search for water,
But there is none.
Weak and wasting,
Held in darkness,
Though light has come.
Yes, I the Lord will answer,
I have heard their cry.
I see it all through the tears of My eyes.

Now I will make My rivers flow on the barren lands,
Pools of water on desert sands;
Springs for the thirsty,
Bread for the hungry,
Strength for the fainting,
Life for the perishing.

A broken people,
Called and chosen
By My right hand.
Friends of Jesus,
Are interceding
'Come heal our Land'.
Yes, I the Lord will answer
I have heard your cry -
I see it all through the tears of My eyes.

Chorus 2
(And) I will make My people into a threshing sledge.
New and sharp with a cutting edge.
To thresh through the mountains.
Cut through the hard plains.
Taking the land claimed.
Kingdom advancing.
My people ...

Godfrey Birtill

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