God Believes In Us

Written by: Nicky Brown, Geraldine Agatha Latty

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Place Your grace on us
Put Your hope in us To be like You

You have called us to
follow after You
To do what You do
To be like You

So the blind see
And the deaf hear
And the sick are healed
And poor see God is here

Give us eyes to see that Your time is now
Give us ears to hear that You send us
Motivate our hands with compassion Lord
Let our heart, soul, mind, energy
Serve to love You
Live to be like You
Live to be this news
God believes in us!
God believes in us!

Now You send us out
In Your Spirit's power
You know all too well
We can do it

For Your word in us
And Your work through us
Are Your blessing sign
And Your promise

As the blind see
As the deaf hear
As the sick are healed
And the poor see
God is here

We did not choose You
You have chosen us
And Lord we want to do
What we see You doing

Geraldine Latty & Nicky Brown

Copyright © 2008 Thankyou Music