Carry On

Written by: Ben Cantelon

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It's just You, me and this broken prayer
How I've longed to share
The feelings of this restless heart

It's been a long and narrow road
And my feet are bare with no sole
When I fall down to the ground
I'll get back up and carry on

I'm longing to know You
I'm longing find you
I'm longing to feel you deep inside
You know that I love You
You know that I trust You
But sometimes it's hard to feel You next to me
But I'll carry on

When Your wind blows
It leads me to places unknown
I may not see it but I feel you leading me on
And when I find You You'll be there with your arms open wide
Until that day comes yes I have the hope of new life
So I'll carry on

Ben Cantelon

Copyright © 2009 Thankyou Music

Writers: Ben Cantelon

Themes: Thirst for God