Your Song To Me

Written by: Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty

© 2001 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 3402009

Your Song To Me As sung by: Keith Getty / Kristyn Getty

Original Key: G

Em  Bm  C  C7  Am7  Bm   C
Verse 1:
C        G            Am/G
Like the starlight of crystal 
G             Em
Holding sweet wine. 
          G         D
Like the laugh of a child 
        Am             D

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Holding sweet wine.
Like the laugh of a child
When he knows it's home time.
Like the river that dances
To the heart of the sea
Is Your song to me.

Like the willows that whisper
In the breeze of the night.
Like the sound of a baby
Breathing softly at night.
Like the wild, sleepy sun
Slipping into the sea
Is Your song to me.

Like the touch of a friend
When I feel so unclean.
Like the guest at a banquet
Despite where I've been.
Like a love that's so rich
And deeper than the sea
Is Your song to me.

Your song calls to the light
In the dark of the night.
Your song bleeds through a life
That cuts death like a knife.
Your song breaks through the madness we
And blows it all away.
I want to sing Your song.

Keith Getty & Kristyn Getty

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