Creation Sings

Written by: David Leonard, Leslie Jordan

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Original Key: C

   C               Em7
In You we live, in You we move
   Am              C/G   G
In You we have our be - ing
   C             Em7
In ev'ry nation, all the earth
     Am              C/G    G
This song of ours is ris - ing
   F  Am   G       C/E   F   Am
Creation,      all cre  -  ation
      C/E    F   Am    G
Sings Your   glory
           F   G   C
Sings Your glory, God
Am           F  C    Am       F   C   C/E
Glory to the Father, glory to the Son
F            Am          G             C
Glory to the Spirit, who was and is to come  [Repeat]

In You we live
In You we move
In You we have our being

In every nation
All the earth
This song of ours is rising

All creation
Sings Your glory
Sings Your glory, God

Glory to the Father
Glory to the Son
Glory to the Spirit
Who was and is to come

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