I Am Yours

Key: C Maj
BPM: 132
Arrangement: AC Cordell & The Creative Worshippers (Feat. Carrie Hodges-Hill)

I Am Yours
Cordell, Fry, Hodges-Hill, Bradshaw, George, Stowers

Verse 1:     
I was lost, dead inside, trying to hide from You
Here I am, here You are, making all things new

Verse 2:  
Now I’m found, alive inside, I’m covered by Your love
Here I am, here You are, You’ve made all things new

No matter where I run,  no matter where I hide
Your love is near, and it’s pushing back the darkness                                         
No matter where I’ve been, no matter what I’ve done
Your love is near, bringing beauty from the ashes

When You call my name, I know whose I am                   
I am Yours, I am Yours 
When You set me free, I am free indeed                   
I am Yours, I am Yours

I am redeemed, I’ve been set free
I can breathe cause You're pushing back the darkness

By AC Cordell

© Copyright 2018 AC Cordell

Based on Bible Verses:
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