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Godfrey Birtill belongs to a new breed of worship leaders. Rooted in the prophetic, motivated by a pursuit of passion rather than polish, his is a voice that cracks and strains and cries out with the rawest of emotion. And whilst his is a story that until now relatively few have heard, that part of the story is about to change.

Coming from New Life Church, Lincoln, and part of the Ground Level Network, which hosts the annual Grapevine festival, Godfrey is a seasoned worship leader, a decade on from giving up his day job as a press photographer and taking the leap to join those travelling to churches and meeting full time. Having toured extensively over the past five years, Godfrey has released three live recordings. ‘The Live Collection’ draws those three together in a compelling, passionate, God-soaked new album. Across 38 tracks – recorded from the heart of the congregation, and including the CBC Praise and Worship Song of the year ‘Just One Touch From The King’ – it captures the heart of a new, grassroots move among worship.

In those early days Godfrey was often dubbed a ‘prayer minstrel’, but since that sounds a little like a cross between a jester and a chocolate snack it’s best that we dig a little deeper. It’s nothing particularly new, Godfrey explains:

'…It's an ancient thing being recovered - playing the strings while there is a release of prophetic song worship and intercession.'

And that’s it, summing up the strength and promise of Godfrey’s music in a nutshell; the reconnections with the heritage of worship, the release of Spirit-inspired gifts, the call to prayer and the drive to get people deeper into God.

It’s prophetic worship at its rawest, boldest, simplest and best.

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