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Christ For The Nations

Christ For The Nations

Originally founded in 1970 by the late Gordon Lindsay and his wife, Freda, Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI) is a trans-denominational institute based in Dallas, Texas, that has a global, eternal impact.

Over the years, CFNI has reached into 120 nations, teaching the scripture through Bible institutes, publishing books in 81 languages, aiding in worldwide relief projects and assisting native congregations in building more than 11,000 churches all over the world. And in addition to its Dallas campus, CFNI also has 44 associate Bible schools located around the world including Germany, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Brazil, Japan and India.

With over 40,000 graduates CFNI is going stronger than ever, pursuing its mission to ‘impact humanity with the Gospel of Jesus Christ’.

So it’s not hard to imagine that from such an environment of faith, action, study and prayer comes a thriving, authentic expression of worship. CFNI has always been a fertile ground for worship leaders and songwriters, and CFN Music has been recording the songs written by CFNI students, faculty and alumni since 1974. These songs include ‘No Sweeter Name’, ‘Revelation Song’, ‘When I Think About the Lord’, ‘As The Deer’, ‘We Prepare The Way’, ‘You, You Are God’, ‘The More I Seek You’, ‘The Lord Reigns’, ‘Song of Ezekiel’, ‘My Soul Longs’, and many more.

So far, CFN Music has recorded 38 albums, and throughout those four decades, the soundtrack has remained true to the passionate belief that each of us was made to serve God passionately, uniquely and with incredible results.

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