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Gas Street Music is a worship community based at Gas Street Church in Birmingham, UK. They believe everything we do should be woven in worship, with a focus to wholeheartedly lead people into an encounter with Jesus. Featuring worship leaders and songwriters such as Tim Hughes, Luke & Anna Hellebronth, Nick Herbert, Millie Tilby, Michael Shannon and more, together they continue the legacy of writing and leading songs that fuel personal devotional and congregational expression. 


Their first ever release, Rewilding, captures the heart of what it means to live in the wide-open, expansive life Jesus makes available to us. To make space for the unscheduled, unpredictable moments that reveal the wonder and awe of God. They want to bring fresh thought to what we’re saying and singing, letting the spirit of God do a new thing in our hearts and minds. Rewilding means letting go, resetting and recalibrating.


Rewilding from Gas Street Music is available to stream and download now. Hit the button below to listen!




Find out more about Gas Street Music on IntegrityMusic.com