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Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller

Jonathan (Jono) has an unusual background. Having spent his teenage years in Kansas City, USA - learning from worship leaders like David Ruis and Kevin Prosch - he returned to his birthplace; the UK. “My time in the States was a big eye opener to church and spirituality. Having exposure to this as a teenager had a lot of impact in my discovery of who God is. The prophetic ministry in particular had a big impact.”

A self-taught musician, Jono is now one of the worship leaders at Kensington Temple, London where he is involved in various aspects of ministry life in the church including teaching, pastoring and developing the worship life. “KT is a multi-cultural and vibrant Pentecostal church in the heart of London with about 120 nationalities, and it’s always a great sight to see all of the nation’s coming together and engaging with God in worship.”

‘King Of All’ - his debut EP - features seven songs that aim to nurture intimacy, devotion, intercession and mission, within the lives of worshippers. The latest release from Kensington Temple, it is Jono’s first solo project and draws heavily on his own personal journey.

“When I write songs I have the congregation in mind. I’m conscious that the songs we sing are very much helping to form the theology of what people believe about God, so I am personally challenged to write songs that have a breadth of themes in worship.

“Christianity is an on-going encounter with the person of Jesus Christ, and the whole of our lives is an adventure to discover more of who He is. In worship life and songwriting we can encourage and enable people to develop a living vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

“This means recapturing our love, our fascination, and wonder of who Jesus is. This is when we discover that Christianity is exciting. Jesus was and is the most exciting and adventurous person who ever lived and lives!”

Jono is passionate about the role that worship has to play in restoring God’s glory in the church. “Worship is like a journey going up a mountain to meet and encounter God, followed by a journey down to face the world. On this journey there are many steps - praise, worship, adoration, confession, and also mission. We have the opportunity to import worship, but also to export it out into the world we live. So worship doesn’t have to end when the meeting is over… It’s only the beginning! We can be active participants in worship.”

Jono is married to wife Laura, and they have 2 young boys, Evan (6) and Seth (4).

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