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About Mozaiek Worship

Mozaiek Worship are a group of enthusiastic singers, musicians and creatives who originated from Mozaiek0318, a growing and lively church in Veenendaal, Netherlands. The band’s passion is to serve the Church with new songs and thus enrich worship services.

Their most well known songs to date include Hold On, Feest Van Genadeand and Jesus, Victorious, a song connecting the generations and that was sung on the 'Netherlands Sing Day' as well as on the 'EO Youth Day'. Jezus Overwinnaar was premiered at the Mozaiek Worship Conference in Veenendaal, Netherlands. The album is the testimony of a local church, Mozaiek0318, yet it was released to be a wider voice for the Dutch church, serving it with fresh words and music to take worship on a national level to a new depth. In just a few days, it reached number 4 in the iTunes ‘Top Album’ chart in the Netherlands, crossing over into mainstream.


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