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About Outbreakband


Outbreakband are a Germany-based worship band founded in 2007.


Their vision has always been to use music to reawaken a passion for Jesus and for worship in young people, and they quickly became the figurehead of a broadly effective German-language worship since their founding. Outbreakband are infusing new creativity and musical inspiration in the national worship sphere with an overall pop rock influence and progressive sounds, establishing themselves across congregations and ages. Since their debut album in 2008, the band have been prolifically writing and releasing music like songs "Mittelpunkt", "Die Liebe des Retters", and "Ewigkeit." In addition, their 2011 English album brought the collective fresh international attention.


The dream which Juri and Mia Friesen had fifteen years ago has become reality as Outbreakband have significantly inspired a new enthusiasm in the German youth’s worship. Today, the group have also taken on a mentoring function by giving band coaching and workshops in communities, providing advice and support to other musicians.


Beyond their homeland, Outbreakband have played at many events, worship nights, and festivals in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and even in Paraguay. Outbreakband announce the release of a brand-new album titled ‘Jesus’ in September 2022. The first single ‘Oase’ came out on 15th July 2022.




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