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Sarah Kroger

Sarah Kroger

About Sarah Kroger

Sarah Kroger is a Nashville-based, Catholic worship leader and songwriter. She has released three albums, Your Time (2011), Hallelujah Is Our Song (2013) and Bloom (2019), preceding her highly anticipated 4th album ‘Light’ which released on October 23rd, 2020.

Light (2020)

Kroger described her experience with new album ‘Light’ as “eye opening”. With it being her first album released through a label, she got to experience new facets of the Christian music community. Whereas her previous albums were crafted alongside Catholic writers, ‘Light’ got her collaborating with mainly protestant writers. The kindness, love and conversations shared through the whole process intertwined the experience of unity and vulnerability at the center of this project. The album explores our self-awareness and relationship with God. It’s about understanding what leads us to the darkness and accepting the vulnerability of standing in the Light, where we get exposed and purified.


Sarah launched Light with a Live Album Release Show - check out the full thing below!

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