Tim Hughes

In the UK Tim Hughes is one of a small group of British worship leaders and songwriters that have continued to shape and define the faith journeys of worshippers young and old for the last fifteen years through his music. The author of songs that have deeply resonated with generations of international church, festival and event goers all over the world (Here I Am To Worship, Beautiful One, Happy Day, At Your Name), he is widely respected in Christian music circles; most of all Tim is renowned and recognised for his Dove Award-winning modern worship anthem ‘Here I am To Worship’.

Tim’s story is a well documented one. From leading worship to tens of thousands every year as part of the Soul Survivor movement to joining Holy Trinity Brompton in 2005 as Director of Music, he also pioneered Worship Central, a global movement of worship leaders that run conferences, courses, produce music albums and create online resources. Worship Central have written three albums, 'Spirit Break Out,' ‘Let It Be Known’ and ‘Set Apart’.

A career spanning so many high points is surely an impressive statement, an incredible contribution to resourcing churches from all corners of the globe. These are all tremendous accolades and achievements to have accomplished yet Tim is not done yet, not by a long chalk; He’s only 37!

Pocketful Of Faith, his fifth studio album, will be released this July. From an album that Tim describes as personally a ‘deeply cathartic experience’ to record yet also an ‘exciting step of faith’, lead single, ‘Hope and Glory’ (premiered at HTB’s 2015 leadership conference at the Royal Albert Hall) and follow up ‘Here With Me’ set a precedent for the rest of the album, both the personification of the modern day 21st century hymn whilst faster paced ‘Only The Brave’ and ‘Plans’ are equally anthemic. Pocketful Of Faith was designed to be his most ambitious, passionate and musically extreme effort to date.

Deeply autobiographical in nature, right now, in 2015, Pocketful Of Faith represents a new chapter for Tim, chronicling both his faith and family life progression as he moves from the role of worship Pastor at HTB & Worship Central in London to a new challenge; planting a church in England’s second city, Birmingham.

On that move Tim says, “The songs on this album capture so much of the journey I’ve been on over the last 18 months; that journey being a move to Birmingham to plant a church into the city centre. It’s involved a huge amount of faith and is definitely been the riskiest thing I’ve ever done.”

Obedience is a common theme throughout Pocketful Of Faith. This is no accident. Uprooting family and moving to a new city deeply influenced the themes on Pocketful Of Faith. Tim says,

“On this journey I've been thinking a-lot about obedience and how often we don’t like to embrace the challenges of obedience. It can be so easy to get caught up in building a successful career thinking about how we can become safe, secure, comfortable, happy but actually Jesus' call on our lives is to follow and obedience is at the heart of Jesus' call to us. Jesus himself says, 'if you love me you will obey my commands. A friend of mine says it's like obedience is one of Jesus' love languages and so if there is a message this album carries it’s predominately preached firstly to myself, but it’s that we need to seek the Lord and step out obediently in following him whatever the cost, whatever the risk....stepping into the unknown, trusting and believing that God will come through.”

Pocketful Of Faith is the story of a young family stepping out, leaning into God when his new call came, unsure of what might happen but sure God was on their side. Tim explains, “I was keen that the album captured this blend of celebration and raw abandoned intimacy, that seemed to be so much of what life is about, these moments of joy and exhilaration, adventure, excitement, mixed with moments of pain, insecurity, fear, uncertainty; and in all of this we find God. I wanted the sound to capture something of those extremes....to feel brave but also to feel intimate…to carry that tension of being bold but feeling over-whelmed.”

Therefore then, Pocketful of Faith is also Tim’s living, breathing statement of belief and a declaration of faith that God is there ready to catch you when you step out into his plans for your life.

He concludes, “My prayer now is that these songs would be a blessing to many churches and individuals as they seek God earnestly, trusting and believing in someone that has a greater purpose for our lives…to be part of something bigger”.

We believe our God is mighty,
We believe our God is here
We believe our king is coming
Christ alone in you we stand.

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