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Here Be Lions is a ministry collective focused on discipleship, music, and community. The collective takes its name from the old mapping tradition in which explorers marked unknown, dangerous territory with a symbol and the phrase “Here Be Lions.” Originally meant as a warning, the phrase has become a call for Here Be Lions to advance God’s kingdom, authority and order. They do so through three ministry outreaches: Be Fierce, a discipleship resource for families, All About Worship, a resource for churches, and Healing Is Right, a resource for the sick and hurting.

The Here Be Lions worship team, led by pastor and worship leader Dustin Smith, aims to create music that welcomes the power and presence of God in expectation of a supernatural move of the Father to bring salvation, healing and restoration.

Here Be Lions’ debut live album, Only A Holy God, including worship favorite, Power When We Worship, released in June 2018. Their sophomore project and EP, I Speak Jesus (Integrity Music) released September 2019 and is available now through digital sales and streaming platforms. 


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