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About InSalvation

InSalvation have become a solid part of the Christian worship landscape in the Netherlands since their beginning in 2006. Beyond a passionate worship band, they are the motor of a movement pursuing worship, justice and equipping the younger generation to live a life of dedication to Jesus. InSalvation’s heart is to worship God and celebrate His presence collectively with the aim of bringing the change experienced in that context to the world. The group is made of six dedicated and passionate members: Jafeth and Sifra Bekx, Andy Stuijfzand, Tanja Hofman-Schuylenburg, Henny Mugge and Hanjo Fisser.

InSalvation’s Album, Exodus, is available to stream and download worldwide!


Watch the music video for Let The Heavens Be Open, featuring Leeland Mooring:

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