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Thrive Worship, which started as the worship team for Bayside Church in Sacramento, CA, has quickly bloomed into a sprawling, eight-campus worship family whose songs and weekly Sunday night worship services are transforming their Northern California community. An ever-growing, ever-evolving group of diverse singers and musicians, Thrive Worship is writing new songs for the church that sing of a hope for the future and love for the Saviour.


In partnership with Integrity Music, Thrive Worship and its founding leaders - Peter Burton, Charmaine Wells and Corbin Phillips - is eager to share its first recorded project, A Thousand More, an album packed with original worship songs born from the vibrant ministry happening at Bayside Church.


More than a church worship team, Thrive Worship is a collection of people from diverse backgrounds all pointing in the same hope-filled direction. With a singular goal of instilling a passionate pursuit of a future hope, Thrive Worship’s songs are a timely reminder that in the midst of the struggle, Jesus is there, leading the way out. The best days really are ahead.


Listen to Thrive Worship's latest album, A Thousand More - available on all streaming platforms now!


Watch the official live video for A Thousand More below! 

Find out more about Thrive Worship on IntegrityMusic.com