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YWAM Kona Music

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YWAM is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, all dedicated to advancing the Gospel and serving Jesus throughout the world. Established in 1960 by American Dr. Loren Cunningham and his wife Darlene, YWAM was founded with the purpose to "know God and to make Him known." Today, YWAM has over 15,000 full-time 'volunteer' missionaries who train 25,000 short-term missions volunteers annually, serving in more than 181 countries globally.

YWAM Kona Music is the worship team and soundtrack for this heart-fire movement located in Kona, Hawaii. Leading on YWAM’s largest global missions base and ministry training facility in the world, YWAM Kona Music is declaring, praying, seeking, singing, trusting, and following Jesus, fuelling passionate praise, intercession and prayer for believers everywhere.

You can listen to YWAM Kona Music's EP, The Commission, is available now to stream and download worldwide now!


Watch the live video for Lord Of The Harvest, featuring Lindy Cofer below:

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