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Be Still Chords

Mark Tedder | average from reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

    D   A/C#     G/B      D  A/C#     G/B
Be still    and know that I  am your God;
    D   A/C#     G/B     Em  D/F#    Asus4  A
Be still,     be still.  I   am your God.

     G                Asus4
The nations know Your matchless name,
    D/F#                  G
The earth resounds with thund'rous praise,
    Em7               Asus4              Dsus4    D    D/F#
The rocks and trees declare that You are God.
     G            Asus4
The human race cannot contain
    D/F#             G
The glory of Your throne of grace,
    Em7          Asus4              D
So here we stand still before You, God.

Mid Section:
   G/B            Asus4
In awe of You, in awe of You,
   D/F#            G
We bow to You, we bow to You.
     C                G/B             Asus4
From age to age Your Kingdom knows no end.