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Center Of It All Chords

Tim Hughes | average from reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
  In the beginning, 
       Asus2       D2/F#         G2
Before You set the world in motion, 
              Asus2      D2/F#
Uncreated, God eternal.

  Radiant beauty, 
  Asus2         D2/F#            G2
Infinite, the Godhead, Three in One, 
                  Asus2        D2/F# 
Perfect Father, Spirit, Saviour.

And it all begins and ends with You, 
   A               D/F#
It all begins and ends with You, 
    G                                   Asus4    Dsus2  G2
The First and Last, the centre of it all.
And in You all things are held together, 
   A                   D/F# 
Sun, the moon, the stars, the heavens, 
       G                         G2   G   Aadd4  Dadd4/F# 
Creator God, the centre of it all.

Verse 2: 
All of the universe explodes in song
Before Designer King,
Valley shaper, Mountain Maker.
The stars sing out, they can't contain
Their praises of their God,
Earth Creator, Heaven Shaker.

  Beginning of it all
A2      D/F#          G2
  The reason for it all,
                              A2    D/F#
The centre of it all [x2] [1.]