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Christ Is Risen Chords

Graham Kendrick

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: D A/D D A/D Dsus4 D In the tomb so cold they laid Him, A D G Asus4 A Death its victim claimed. D A/D D A/D Dsus4 D Powers of hell, they could not hold Him; G D Back to life He came! Chorus: D A D Men Christ is risen! A D Women (Christ is risen!) G D Men Death has been conquered. G D Women (Death has been conquered.) A D Men Christ is risen! A D Women (Christ is risen!) G Bm Asus4 A D Em Asus4 A D Together He shall reign for e - ver. Verse 2: Hell had spent its fury on Him, Left Him crucified. Yet, by blood, He boldly conquered, Sin and death defied. Verse 3: Now the fear of death is broken, Love has won the crown. Prisoners of the darkness listen, Walls are tumbling down. Verse 4: Raised from death to heaven ascending, Love's exalted King. Let His song of joy, unending, Through the nations ring!


Bible References

  • - Matthew 27:60
  • - Matthew 28:6
  • - Mark 15:46
  • - Mark 16:6
  • - Luke 23:53
  • - Luke 24:6
  • - John 19:42
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1986 Thankyou Music