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Creation Sings The Father's Song Chords

Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 115

Verse 1:
   C     G/C       F/C      C  G/C
Creation sings the Father's song;
   F/C       C      F    G   Am
He calls the sun to wake the dawn
    F                 C/E
And run the course of day
     F       C/E      G       C   G/C  F/C  C  G/C  F/C
Till evening falls in crimson rays.
    C     G/C       F/C       C  G/C
His fingerprints in flakes of snow,
    F/C     C        F   G    Am
His breath upon this spinning globe,
   F                  C/E
He charts the eagle's flight;
   F         C/E     G      C
Commands the newborn baby's cry.

   G   Am
    F       C/E  G         C
Let all creation stand and sing,
    G   Am
         F     C/E           F  C/E
Fill the earth with songs of worship;
         F       C/E   G       C  G/C  F/C  C
Tell the wonders of creation's King. 
G/C  F/C  C  G/C  F/C  C  G/C  F/C   C
                      [1.,2.]       [3.]

Verse 2:
Creation gazed upon His face;
The ageless One in time's embrace
Unveiled the Father's plan
Of reconciling God and man.
A second Adam walked the earth,
Whose blameless life would break the curse,
Whose death would set us free
To live with Him eternally.

Verse 3:
Creation longs for His return,
When Christ shall reign upon the earth;
The bitter wars that rage
Are birth pains of a coming age.
When He renews the land and sky,
All heaven will sing and earth reply
With one resplendent theme:
The glory of our God and King!


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