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Endless mercy falls down (Many times) Chords

Simon Brading

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1 Bm A/C# D Endless mercy falls down like flood, G Asus4 Each time I wonder astray. Bm A/C# D Slow to anger, abounding in love; G Asus4 I find no end to Your grace, Em Asus4 But I'm found within Your embrace. Chorus G Asus4 D Many times have I fallen astray, G Asus4 Many times have I failed, G Bm Lord, Your mercy has found me, G Asus4 Just as I am, You've turned me around. Verse 2 East to west is a distance unknown, In truth they never will meet. Just as far now I live from my shame; Removed forever from me, Now I'll live forgiven and free Bridge G Asus4 You love me, You cleanse me, Bm G Em You wash me whiter than the snow. Bm You catch me, You hold me, G A Your love will never let me go.