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Fully Loved Chords

New Wine Worship | average from reviews

Original Key: Eb

Tempo: 68

Eb   Ab   Eb/G   Ab

{Verse 1}
Eb          Ab                Eb/G           Ab
I know that voice, calling me on, calling me on
Eb          Ab                   Eb/G                      Ab
Come home again, and I will give you rest, I will give you rest

          Ab                                  Eb/G           
When the world is trying to tell me, I should earn it
           Ab                               Eb/G           
You're the One who's saying 'I have paid it all'
     Ab                         Bb      Cm7
Even though I know deep down, I don't deserve it
         Fm                Bbsus4
I'm Your child and that's enough

          Abmaj7           Eb/G
I'm fully loved, I'm fully known
              Fm7                Bb
It's flooding over, from head to heart
          Abmaj7           Eb/G
I'm fully loved, I'm fully known
      Fm7                Bb
By my Father, I'm fully loved

{Verse 2}
Eb           Ab               Eb/G                 Ab
I know those arms, holding me close, holding me so close
Eb       Ab                  Eb/G                 Ab
Abide in me, and I will keep you safe, yes I will keep you safe

Repeat Pre-Chorus:

Repeat Chorus:

There's not a mountain You won't face
There's not a valley You won't raise
      Cm7                                  Bb
In my shame, I tried to hide, but You came running
You came to meet me where I am
You instilled my worth and Your great plan
               Cm7                          Bb
I know there's nothing that can separate me now

Repeat Chorus:[x2]

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