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God of all the earth (The Lord is King) Chords

Mike Busbee

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: A/G G D/F# God of all the earth, G D/A A7sus4 Bm Perfect Son of Man, A/G G D/F# Love that never turns, G D/A A7sus4 D Come and heal our land. D/F# G A G2/B A/C# Lord, we need You to move in our midst as we sing. Chorus: D G/B Bm Asus4 A Hallelujah, the Lord is King. D G/B Bm Asus4 A All our praises to You we bring. D2/F# Em/G Humbly ruling with power, D/A G/B Yet by grace You redeem. D/A A7sus4 A/G Hallelujah, the Lord is King. D2/F# Em7 A7sus4 A/G D2/F# Asus4 A A7 D Verse 2: Like a helpless lamb That has gone astray, We have chased our plans, Lord, please change our ways. So that everyone knows It's for You that we sing. Verse 3: Lord, who gives each day, Give us eyes to see, That Your perfect way May direct our feet. Lord, we long for the world To join in as we sing.