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God Of Old Chords

Gabe Watkins / Malcolm du Plessis / busbee | average from reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
D           A           A#dim7
God of old, God of the future, 
Bm         Em7          D/F#          Asus4
God of all life and all space and all time, 
D                         A            A#dim7
Kindly You've placed Your hand on this tribe;
      Bm             D         A    D    Dsus4   D  Dsus4
We're marked by Your blood and Your name.

Verse 2:
King of kings, King of the kingdom, 
King of all honour and glory and power, 
Humbly You followed God's will to the cross 
And now rule through vessels of clay.
           A          G       D
So Lead us on in this holy adventurel
G          D/F#       Em7         A7sus4
Fill every heart with courage and grace.
G/B           A/C#          D          G
May our lives shine so that others are drawn 
       Em7        A7sus4  D    Dsus4  D  Dsus4
to the brightness of Your flame.

Verse 3:
Lord of lords, Lord of the nations, 
Lord over demons, dominions and powers, 
You rule supreme over heaven and earth, 
You hold our respect and our praise.

Mid section:
       Bm                      F#m
Though seasons will change and visions are tested, 
Bm                     F#m         Bm
hindered by obstacles, failure and pain, 
G                          D
You cleanse this house and purge us with fire, 
     Em7       D/F#       G     Bm    A/C#  D
what cannot be shaken for ever remains.

So lead us . . .


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