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God You Reign Chords

Brandon Collins, Richie Fike,Jennie Lee Riddle,Travis Ryan | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

Am    G    F2    Am    G    F2

{Verse 1}
       Am            G               F2
You're robed in mystery and fearsome power
    Am            G                   F2
You ride upon the clouds and walk the seas
    Am               G               F2
The valleys rise and mountains bow before You
    Am                G                F2
The earth and heavens tremble when You speak, for You are

C             G
Holy, You are Holy
       Am              F2
Lord Almighty, God You reign
C                G
Worthy none more worthy
        Am             F2
King of Glory, God You reign

{Verse 2}
     Am                  G             F2
What heart can stand the glory of Your presence
     Am                G                 F2
What soul can see Your face and stay the same
     Am                G                F2
What love is this that lays aside His splendor
     Am               G             F2
What God is this that gives Himself away, for You are


  G                 Am
O God You reign You never change
   F2           C
Be lifted high exalted
G           Am
Forever the Lord of lords
    F2         C
The King of majesty  (repeat two times)

Repeat CHORUS two times