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Hear Our Prayer Chords

Dave Bilbrough | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
For every child that stands abused, 
For all the lonely and confused,
              Em             C
For those who suffer for the truth, 
     D   G
Hear our prayer.

Verse 2:
For those who mourn the ones they knew,
Who stand accused for loving You,
Lord, we long to see You move;
Hear our prayer.

         Am     Em          D
Hear our prayer,   hear our prayer, 
         Am     Em          D
Hear our prayer,   hear our prayer.

Verse 3:
For all who bear the marks of hate,
Who are wounded for Your sake,
These are champions of the faith,
Hear our prayer.

Mid Section:
D               Am
  For those who weep, 
              Em                   F            A
For those who grieve, for those in need we intercede.

Verse 4:
Console the powerless and the weak,
The ones denied a right to speak;
Bring Your comfort and release,
Hear our prayer.