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Kingdom Come Chords

Beth Croft | average from reviews

Original Key: Bm

Tempo: 160

Verse 1:
     Bm                    G
Even when the waters rise
        Bm                      G
And the waves are crashing over
We're hard pressed on every side,
But won't give up the fight;
Bm                          A
    Surely You are holding on. [Repeat Verse 1, then to Chorus]

Bm                      G
    Father, let Your kingdom come,
      D/F#             Asus4
Your will be done on earth.
Bm                    G
    Saviour, can You hear us call;
      D/F#           Asus4
We trust You are enough.    [2. & 4. Repeat Chorus]

    Bm   G   Bm   G
                  [to Verse 2]
    Bm   G   D/F#   A   Bm   G   D/F#   A
                                    [to Mid section]

Verse 2:
         Bm                 G
Standing in Your victory,
        Bm                     G
Calling on the name of Jesus,
We won't stop until we see
The lame rise to their feet;
Bm                        A
    Surely You have overcome.    [to Chorus]

Mid section:
Bm                       G
    To be thrown into flames and still to say,
    'My God, He saves,
    My God, He saves.'
Bm                         G
    To see suffering and pain and still to say,
D/F#                 Asus4
    'My God, He reigns.'   [Repeat section]

  Bm   G   D/F#   A   Bm   G   D/F#   A
[to Chorus]