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Kyrie Eleison Chords

Vineyard Worship

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Original Key: E

Tempo: 0

{Intro} C#m A E C#m {Verse 1} C#m A E For the things we’ve done and left undone C#m A E For the ways we’ve wandered from your heart {Pre-Chorus} B A Forgive us, we pray B A Forgive us, we pray {Verse 2} For the idols we put on Your throne For the loves we choose above Your own [Repeat Pre-Chorus] {Chorus} A Lord have mercy B Christ have mercy C#m E Lord have mercy on us, on us {Instrumental - 2x} A B C#m E {Verse 3} For the lies that we clutch to our chests For the fear that wants to steal our breath {Pre-Chorus 2} Forgive us, we pray And give us Your grace {Bridge} A B C#m E Forgiving God, forgiving us [4x] {Outro - 2x} C#m A E C#m A E