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Lift Oh Gates Chords

Corey Voss

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Original Key: E

Tempo: 66

Intro: [x2]
E2     Amaj9    

Verse 1:
Let the host of heaven come rejoicing, 
Let the waters, wave and rocks cry out
G#m                              C#m7     Bsus     A  F#m7 
Let ev'ry saint of God roar like thunders breaking out

Verse 2:
Let the freedom singers raise an anthem, 
Let the streets resound with joy and praise
G#m                              C#m7     Bsus      A  F#m7  E 
For there is a river filled with gladness and with grace

      E               Amaj9 
      Lift, oh gates, open wide;
      C#m7 Bsus  A2   E/G#     A2 
      Come  to  life, come to life [1st time to v.3]
      E            Amaj9 
      Lamb of God, crucified
          C#m7 Bsus  A2  E/G#  A2               E 
      The War - ri - or  is  alive. Come to life

Verse 3:
In the name of Jesus valleys rise now, 
In the name of Jesus mountains bow
G#m                         C#m7    Bsus     A  F#m7 
In the name of Jesus lost return to Father’s house

See the church arising it is time now, time now
See the Kingdom coming it is here now, here now
C#m7                          Bsus 
See the Son returning for His bride now
Sing a new song, sing a new song [Repeat]

E2     Amaj9     E2     Amaj9     E  
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    Bible References

    • - Psalms 24:7
    • - Acts 7:42
    • - John 1:29
    • - Psalms 96:1

    2016 Integrity's Alleluia! Music/Farren Love & War/Corey Michael Music Publishing/SESAC, Jennie Lee Riddle Music/Tent Peg Music/The Emerging Sound Publishing/Touched By A Fire Music/BMI