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Love Sweet Love Chords

Lincoln Brewster

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Original Key: Db

Tempo: 67

{Intro} Gb Db Bbm Ab {Verse 1} Gb Db Far over my head Bbm Ab Adim7 I'm out of my depth when it comes to this Gb Db Bbm And I can't comprehend the way that You give Ab Adim7 So I'll just say thank You {Pre-Chorus) Gb Db Ab Bbm Nothing and no one that I'll ever know Gb Db Ab Could ever keep me from You {Chorus} Gb2 Db And Your love, sweet love Ab Bbm7 Gb2 Db Ab Holding my heart in Your hands, day after day Db Gb2 Db You give me grace, sweet grace Ab Bbm7 Gb2 Like water that cleanses my soul Db Ab Gb2 And takes me away, Your love, sweet love Db Bbm7 Ab {Verse 2} Gb Db Good, gracious, and kind Bbm Ab Adim7 Giver of life, You still take my breath Gb Db Bbm Flood, glorious Light, piercing the night Ab Adim7 You're still tearing veils away [Repeat Pre-Chorus] [Repeat Chorus] {Instrumental} (Ooos) Gb2 Db Bbm Ab Gb Db Bbm Ab Adim7 {Bridge} Bbm7 Gb Nobody knows me better, You'll never leave me ever Db Ab/C Adim7 Bbm7 Cause You see what nobody else can see Gb You're here in every season, even when it's hard to feel it Db Ab Adim7 There's no place that I won't find Your love [Repeat Chorus] {Tag} Gb2 Db (Doo de doo Doo de doo) Bbm7 Absus4 (Doo de doo)


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