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Magnificent Kindness Chords

Sam Bailey

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: G C My soul was looking for a place to rest, Em C Then I found Your grace out in the wilderness. G D Em C You know this heart, You've shown me love. Chorus: G Magnificent kindness, D/F# You came to find us, C I turned around and You were there. G Standing in mercy, D/F# Forever You've won me, C You taught my heart to sing again. C G C Em C Verse 2: G C For grace has let me start again in You, Em C And grace will lead me home when this life is through. G D Em C I live in this hope, finally free. Bridge: G D/F# Your mercy is a miracle, C Your mercy is a miracle, [Repeat] G G D D C C G It's a miracle. Mid section: G D You're worthy, God most holy. C G I've found mercy, I've found You. [Repeat] Coda: C G