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Lincoln Brewster

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Original Key: Eb

Tempo: 120

{Verse 1} Ab6add9 Cm7 I knew the second I met You Bb Fm7 I could never forget You and what You did for me Ab6add9 Cm7 You pulled me out of my haze Bb Fm7 And took me into a place, so good it's hard to believe {Pre-Chorus} Ab6add9 Cm7 And it just gets better, nothing else matters Bb Fm7 You're so much more than enough Ab6add9 Cm7 Now my heart's wide open, fears been broken Bb Fm7 It's all because of Your love {Chorus} Cm Bb/D Eb Ab You make me wanna move like no one's watching Bb Gm Ab Bb I know You'll get me through, gonna keep on walking Cm Bb/D Eb Ab You always make a way when the storm is raging Bb Gm Ab No matter what I'm facing, I can count on You Bb Ab6add9 Cm7 Bb Fm7 1. Miracles happen when You move [to v.2] Bb Cm Bb/D Eb Ab Bb Gm Ab Bb 2.3. Miracles happen when You move Cm Bb/D Eb Ab Bb Gm Ab Bb (Move) [1. to Bridge 2. End] {Verse 2} Ab6add9 Cm7 I got a beat in my chest Bb Fm7 I got a spring in my step, I got a reason to run Ab6add9 Cm7 You show me who I can be Bb Fm7 And still it's hard to believe I'm so much more than I was [Repeat Pre-Chorus] [Repeat Chorus] {Bridge} Abmaj7 Cm7 Bb Fm You give me hope I can't believe Abmaj7 Cm7 Bb Fm The best is yet to come for me [Repeat] [Repeat Chorus]


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