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My Beloved Chords

Kari Jobe

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Intro: Gsus4 Em7 C2 Verse 1: G Gmaj7/B C You're My beloved, you're My bride G Gmaj7/B C To sing over you is My delight Am D G G2 Come away with Me, My love [to end] Verse 2: G Gmaj7/B C2 Under My mercy come and wait Dsus4/F# G Gmaj7/B C 'Til we are standing face to face Am D G I see no stain on you My child Chorus: D/F# C/E G You're beautiful to Me D/F# C/E Dsus4 D So beautiful to Me Verse 3: G Gmaj7/B C2 I'll sing over you My song of peace Dsus4/F# G Gmaj7/B C Cast all your cares down at My feet Am D G Come and find your rest in Me Bridge: D/F# G G/B I'll breathe My life inside of you C2 Am Am/G I'll bear you up on eagle's wings D/F# G G/B C2 And hide you in the shadow of My strength D/F# G G/B C Am Am/G I'll take you to My quiet waters, I'll restore your soul D/F# G G/B C Dsus4 D Come rest in Me and be made whole Instrumental: G G/B C D/F# G G/B C Am D D/F# C2/E G2 G2 D/F# C Dsus4 D Repeat Verse 1: