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O My Soul Chords

Stuart Townend | average from reviews

Original Key: E

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
E F#m7   E/G#   Emaj7/G#   A        E/G#       Bsus4   B  E
O my     soul,            arise and bless your Ma    -    ker,
E   B7sus4/F#    E/G#    A      E/G#     Bsus4    B
For He           is your Master and your Friend. 
F#m   E/G#   Bsus4    B      C#m     Emaj7/B  F# /A#  B7/A
Slow  to     wrath       but rich in tender   mer  -  cy: 
E/G#        C#m7   E/G#   F#m7       B7sus4      E
Worship the Sa  -  viour, Je      -      -       sus.

Verse 2:
King of grace, His love is overwhelming; 
Bread of Life, He's all I'll ever need,
For His blood has purchased me forever:
Bought at the cross of Jesus.

    C#m    Emaj7/B    E/G#   A
And I will sing for   all my days 
   F#m       E        Bsus4    B
Of heaven's love come down.
     C#m      Emaj7/B     E/G#     A
Each breath I take will speak His praise 
  F#m7   E/G#     Bsus4    B
Until He calls me home.

Verse 3:
When I wake, I know that He is with me;
When I'm weak, I know that He is strong.
Though I fall, His arm is there to lean on:
Safe on the Rock of Jesus.  [to Verse 4]

Verse 4:
Stir in me the songs that You are singing;
Fill my gaze with things as yet unseen.
Give me faith to move in works of power,
Making me more like Jesus.   [to Chorus]

Verse 5:
Then one day I'll see Him as He sees me,
Face to face, the Lover and the loved;
No more words, the longing will be over:
There with my precious Jesus.   [End]