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LO Worship

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Original Key: Eb

Tempo: 78

{Verse 1} Eb5 Bb/D I lay my life down on Your altar Cm7 Ab2 Bbsus4 I want Your will and nothing less Cm7 Ab2 Bb Cm7 This is the death of my ambitions Eb/G Ab Bbsus4 Bb I know Your ways are always best {Chorus} Abmaj7 Cm7 Bb I leave my heart open, open to You Abmaj7 Cm7 Bb I’m holding back nothing, nothing from You {Verse 2} Eb Ebsus4 Eb This is the start of resurrec - tion Cm7 Ab Bbsus4 Where new beginnings come from death Cm7 Ab Bb Cm7 I’m gonna trust You with my future Eb/G Ab Bbsus4 Lord, I surrender to Your plans Repeat Chorus: [x2] {Bridge} Eb Fm7 Cm Ab Eb Bb Take my life and let it be a holy offering Eb Fm7 Cm Ab Eb Here I am Lord, all of me, I surrender ev'rything [Repeat] Repeat Chorus: [x3]
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