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Pour It Out Chords

Vineyard Worship | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 66

C   G   D   D

{Verse 1} 
          C              G   D
Oh, the depths of Your mercy
      C       G          D
That save a wretch like me
          C         G        D
And the waves of forgiveness
       C          G     D
Your blood that covers me

         C   G   D 
Pour it out (2x) 

{Verse 2}
         C             G    D
Oh the weight of Your glory
        C       G      D
That brings me to my knees
          C             G     D
And the power of Your presence
       C        G        D
That heals and sets me free

         C   G   D 
Pour it out (4x) 

C         G
I will worship
D       Em
I will love You
C       G       D
I will lift You up

 C         G
Give You honor
   D        Em
Praise and glory
C       G       D
I will pour it out