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Revival Town Chords

Martin Smith | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
Well I've got a message to bring, 
I can't preach but I can     sing;
And me and my brothers here, 
we're gonna play redemption      hymns.
We're not on our own You know, 
it's all around the world;
'Cause this is the freedom generation, 
Living for revival in this      time.

Dm7        F  Am7             Gsus4
    Hallelujah,   people everywhere are  singing;
Dm7        F  C/E                  Gsus4
    Hallelujah,   You've turned my mourning into dancing.

C     Am7     Gsus4                   F                      C  Bb  F/A  Bb
  Revival town,   that's what they're calling this place now.  [Coda -  Revival town]
C     Am7     Gsus4           F
  Revival town,   it'll put a smile on your face now.
[1.]                      (I  see a)
    C       Am7        C/E    Dm7
          Revival town.
    C       Am7        C/E                      Dm7
          Revival town,     that's what they're calling this place now
    C       Am7        Gsus4   F  Dm7   Gsus4   Dm7    Gsus4   C   C/B  C/Bb  F
          Revival town.  (x 2)

Verse 2: 
Well I've got a story to tell
About the King above all kings:
You spoke for peace, hope, love and justice-
Things that we all need today.
You let a broken generation
Become a dancing generation,
This is revival generation.
You may not hear it on the radio
But you can feel it on the air.